Tips for finding a car rental offer

Tips for finding a car rental offer

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Tips for saving money on car rental

Finding a car rental offers is far different from hunting for good airline ticket prices or the best prices. Factors at work in the pricing process are difficult to understand and benefit from a car rental company.

Most passenger passengers do not give the same control when buying a car as accommodation tariffs, but hidden costs can affect the cost of transportation on the ground. Worth a look.

Many travelers believe that car rental rates are all about the same and that shopping is a waste of time. Prices vary – sometimes – quite a bit – between companies and destinations. Another truth: car rental companies reward people who make life easier and punish those who don’t know the ropes.

What follows are five tips, without special provision, for lowering the cost of renting a car. Then: hidden fees and allowances.

Watch out for hidden fees and extras

If the rental company has to return the gas tank after your return, you pay a ridiculous price per gallon. Always ask to fill the car before leaving and then return it at full throttle. If this is not allowed free of charge, Ensure that the vehicle is returned with plenty of gas in the tank, just as it was when you started.

There are a lot of other extra costs that can quickly make it affordable. A weekly rate of $ 125 appeared for a compact rental from International Airport. That’s about $18 a day.

But when I clicked on the booking page, it was clear that taxes and fees could add more than $50. That’s not all: a sales tax of 10%, something called a vehicle license for vehicles of almost $19. Now the price is more than $ 25 a day. Keep this in mind when you see rates below $20 a day.

Avoid renting at the airport

Renting a car at the airport is frequently quite convenient. Many times this convenience outweighs any other consideration, including price. If you have a choice, though, keep in mind that you will pay the benefit of having to take fewer steps to get into your leased vehicle.

It is not difficult to find examples of this principle at work. I once saw a dramatic difference in quotes between renting a car at Detroit Metro Airport and agencies outside the airport.

There are alternative money-saving options that can be almost as convenient as renting an airport. For example, if you are on a business trip, you can often rent a car at a hotel in the city. If you can conveniently arrange hotel transport or public transport from the airport to the reception, the chances are good that you will save money by taking delivery from the airport.

Take out insurance

Most budget travelers know that the company’s insurance offers should be rejected, but there is a lot of pressure to change the minds at the counter. Companies make big profits from insurance fees. Some officials are trained to create as much anxiety as possible for people who reject it.

They will tell you that their insurance closes expensive holes that may or may not be true in your case. They will tell you stories about how the client’s car insurance or credit card did not cover the damage during the recent accident. It will also bring a loss of usage costs.

There may be truth in the stories, but the chances are slim that you will need any of these covers. However, it is very likely that your car insurance at home also includes renting. Call your agent to confirm this.

You should check the credit card company to see if using a rental payment card allows collision coverage. In many cases, you will get a positive response.

Depending on the length of the trip, travel insurance may be a good idea. But most car rental companies offer expensive and unnecessary extras.

One last note: it is especially important to check with your credit card or car insurance company if you rent outside of your country. You don’t assume you’re covered. There is much fine printing in contracts that involve international leases.

Book the smallest car possible

Those who rent cars do not like to drive a compact. Rental companies know this and usually order medium-sized and full-size cars.

If your destination is a smaller airport or a non-hub airport, chances are good to have only a few compact ones. For a few days, they may not be compact when customers come.

In that situation, if you have booked compact ones, they are obliged to give you a free upgrade. Sometimes you will move two categories at no extra cost.

This is something I’ve done numerous times throughout the years. Remember: you can usually pay an on-site upgrade fee for larger cars if they call your bluff and tell you that the compact is ready to go. There will be times when the most miniature cars are remnants in the series. Those times are pretty rare.

In more extensive facilities, where the supply of cars is enormous, this strategy is far less likely to work. However, if you’re ready to take the chance of having a smaller automobile, it might be worth a shot.

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