Office cleaning: How clean is it in your office?

Office cleaning: How clean is it in your office?

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Around every second employee in Oddasa now works in an office workplace. Such a workplace should, of course, be clean for hygienic reasons. But also to be able to work concentrated and satisfied! In the office, you usually only find “light” soiling that is easy to clean and (apparently) does not require any special expertise. Today many companies are looking for a cleaner on a  450 basis for office cleaning via classified ads. But is that the right way? And can one speak of satisfaction (on both sides) in the long term?

What are the benefits of choosing a cleaning company?

Reliable cleaning of the office space

Let’s first look at the subject of “reliability”. For example, a cleaning company has employed several cleaning staff to provide replacements directly in the event of illness. So someone will always come at the agreed time! So you don’t have to worry about failures! Just as little with absenteeism due to vacation. But don’t worry – we won’t send you a different cleaner every time!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for your own 450 employees for your company, unfortunately, no cleaning will be carried out if it is sick. Moreover, vacation periods must also be bridged. And if you are very unlucky, you will also struggle with the reliability of the employees in general.

These problems do not apply if you use the service of a cleaning company!

What if the cleaning lady quits?

Living conditions change, or another job offer is more attractive. Such a 250$ job can be quite quick, and you are without a cleaner again! If you want to go back to looking for someone in your company.

If you hire a cleaning company once to do the office cleaning, you no longer have to worry about personnel planning. That’s our job then!

Who keeps an eye on quality?

A cleaner has to be a master of her job. A little “Wischi-washi” is not enough! You have to know HOW to clean WHAT quickly and efficiently. There are certain basic rules, work processes, and also organizational things that have to be mastered. In addition, of course, the knowledge of which cleaning agents and materials can be used to clean the various surfaces. If afterward there is lint or streaks on the PC screens, the mirror in the bathroom is scratched, or, in the worst case, the floor covering is permanently damaged (through incorrect cleaning), this will not help anyone.

If you entrust us with the office cleaning, one of our property managers will first come to you and examine the premises to be cleaned. An individual cleaning plan is then created that includes all special requirements. The cleaning staff we then send to you have been checked and trained and know exactly what to do. Of course, the property managers remain your contacts if something does not go smoothly.

How do you know if your office is being cleaned well?

As is so often the case, it’s the little things that count! So awareness of detail is very important to us when it comes to good cleaning!

Take a look around your office yourself – starting with the sanitary area:

Does your cleaner make sure that the hygiene dispenser is full? That there is still enough toilet paper or whether the towels are clean? Take a look behind the toilet or behind the trash can. Is there also regular cleaning?

Check out the siphon in the sink. A good cleaner takes it out and cleans it! But, of course, the light switches and door handles are also very important. This is where the bacteria collect, which in turn drastically increases the risk of infection. So, what do the light switches in your office look like? Is there the dust on it, or are they even a bit sticky? Then you have the wrong cleaner!

The forgotten coffee filter starts to go moldy in the kitchen after a long weekend at the latest. Or if you have a fully automatic machine … have the pulp container and the drip tray been cleaned? Quite bland, too: emptying the trash can!

At the workstations, you can quickly see whether someone wiped under the mousepad or whether you just walked over it quickly. In general, the keyboard and mouse should, of course, be wiped clean. And have you ever looked at your window sills? If, for example, a dead fly remains there for several months, then something is wrong!

And what about the entrance to the office? Has the dirt control mat been totally dirty for a long time? Even then, something goes wrong!

So if you want reliable cleaning for your office space, and you see the best company, Midland Odessa Cleaning Co offers the best Cleaning Services in Midland Odessa TX.

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