How to clean a house in 15 minutes or less

How to clean a house in 15 minutes or less

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Guests from your vacation arrive in 15 minutes, and your house is not exactly the epitome of cleanliness. Don’t panic! Here are some tips and strategies for cleaning your home in 15 minutes – or at least giving it a flawless look. In this article we read about How to clean a house in 15 minutes or less:

Guests from your vacation arrive in 15 minutes, and your house is not exactly the epitome of cleanliness. Don’t panic! Here are some tips and strategies for cleaning your home in 15 minutes – or at least giving it a flawless residence.

You can do a lot in a few short minutes if you are smart with your time and strategically decide on your cleaning choices. You don’t have time for serious cleaning with a complete collection of cleaning equipment and products. This is not necessarily time for thorough cleaning of the microwave or dishwasher, although these tasks must be completed at some point.

Consider a strategy

Spend 30 seconds thinking about your strategy: You might even grab a notebook and make a shortlist to clean the house. The key is to keep moving so that you are not trapped by one particular task. It is better to hit several areas briefly than to spend all 15 minutes on one job. Think about the big picture and cover all the areas that matter.

Focus on specific rooms

When people come, your time together may be limited to certain areas. This usually includes a kitchen, bathroom, and gathering space, such as a lair or dining room. Concentrate on these spaces because most guests do not wander into other rooms or open closets. If you want to prioritize, spend an extra minute or 2 in the bathroom because a dirty bathroom can be especially obvious to the guest.

Hit large spaces

If you are going to clean something, you may want to clean the floors in the common areas. Sweeping the kitchen and vacuuming the lair can only take a few minutes and make a big difference in perception and overall look. If anything, the traces left on the freshly vacuumed carpet can give guests a general look of more concentrated cleaning. If you don’t have time to take out this type of equipment, take a look around the common areas for at least a minute and pick up noticeable pieces of garbage and rubbish.

Hide the mess

The house can accumulate a level of clutter. Focus on “lifting.” It would be ideal for putting everything in its place, but with the ticking of the clock, it may be best to:

Grab a laundry basket and unused bags, go through the house, and collect everything that is not intended for that space.

Store a laundry basket and bags in a room that will not be used. Putting items in the closet or under the bed can also be an option. Still, if your house is already overcrowded, the chances are that previous clutter removal sessions already occupy these spaces.

Cleaning tips

Ask for help:

As for quick cleaning of the house, everything is on deck. Grab the kids and the significant others and put them to work. Younger children may not know how to clean the house effectively, but they may handle a set of riots.

Hire distractions:

It’s not like you want to fool guests, but there’s nothing wrong with creating a little atmosphere. Therefore, lighting a few candles can contribute to a pleasant atmosphere that distracts from the fact that you could not clean the house deeply. If the candles are scented, this can also provide a pleasant scent that hides other scents.

Leave time to prepare:

You only have 15 minutes, but you have to call it well and stop the cleaning process at one point. Allow a few minutes to prepare so that you do not feel rushed. You don’t want to be on your hands and knees while scrubbing the floor when guests arrive. Do your best, but make sure you enjoy cleaning the house first and foremost. You can do a lot in 15 minutes, but if it’s not perfect, life will go on.

Equipment and materials


A vacuum cleaner can make a big difference in terms of overall appearance. You have limited time, but if you are going to pull out a piece of cleaning equipment, go for a vacuum cleaner.

Disposable floor cloth and dust pads.

As for hard surfaces, it may not be possible to remove the bucket and clean it. It is nice that today there are various floor cleaning devices that are designed for quick cleaning.

Dry dust cloths

Dry dust cloths can be used to dust transparent surfaces. These clothes are designed to get more dust than the average cloth. Again, watch your time and dust only those areas that may be obvious to everyone in the room.

Disinfection wipes

Disinfection wipes are intended for multiple surfaces. Grab a few of them and wipe the kitchen table and various bathroom surfaces.

Paper towels

Paper towels will help you quickly dry wet surfaces and flatten surfaces to an impressive shine. A shiny surface in common areas will contribute a lot to establishing the look.

Disposable toilet cleaners with disposable cleaning heads allow you to clean the bowl and throw away the scrub head without the use of additional supplies or additional cleaning.

  • An air freshener can help you quickly freshen the air in your home.

House cleaning checklist

Before you begin, list your priority rooms: Quickly note the rooms that will be used and focus your efforts there (usually the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and living room). Put a sheet and a pen in your pocket and cross them out as you go. Below is an essential checklist to help you get started.


  • Throw the lemon zest in the garbage dump and release it.
  • Clean up clutter from the kitchen table, and work surface put papers in bags, items in closets.
  • Wipe desks and desks with disinfectant wipes.

The bathroom

  • Use a toilet scrub, or a disposable cleaning head stick to clean the dishes from stains and odors.
  • Clean the toilet bowl with a disinfectant wipe and dry it quickly with a towel.
  • Clean the mirror with a cloth and glass cleaner.
  • Wipe the sink, sink, and faucet with disinfectant wipes and paper towels.
  • Close the shower curtain.

Tip: If you have too much time, wipe the floor to clean it of hair and debris. Otherwise, throw away a fresh bathroom rug to cover up what you missed.

The dining room

  • Clean the accumulated papers and books, and garbage from the dining room table.
  • Dust the surface of the dining table with cloths or lay a tablecloth over it.
  • Quickly run the floor wiper/wiper on the floor.

waiting room

  • Would you please clean up the clutter in buckets or bags and hide them out of sight (closets or closed rooms)?
  • Vacuum the carpet or dust / wipe under the disposable cloth system.

Common areas

  • Take a walk in the air freshener in the house in each area where guests will spend time.
  • Light a scented candle in the foyer or living room.

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